The Meowerlords don’t just make full games! Sometimes, we also create prototypes, tools, or general software.


IPAprotec is a silly little free game that was made for the Beer NOT Jam. You can try it out here!

DO NOT let the human drink IPAs to survive! Also, avoid destroying normal beer to optimize your score.

Move tiles and create matches by swapping the cat with a tile.

Once you figure out what to do, the game is a bit on the easy side, and the instructions may not be super clear at first.

Have fun 🙂


The Meowerlords occasionally stream on Twitch! And because we couldn’t find a chat bot that supports timed sending of a random message from a list, our Human decided to implement our own. You can download and use it for free on or mess around with the sources here!

This project might grow with our streaming needs and your feedback 🙂

Current Features:

  • posting random messages from a list
  • optionally detects inactive chat and will skip messaging
  • optionally play a sound when a non-bot-message was received

Professional Procrastination

This prototype was created for the 2nd low effort jam and is available for free here.

Define symbols and repetitions to shorten the random string as much as you can!

As a programmer, it can be easy to get lost in refactoring some code. The game tries to capture the satisfaction of distilling something bloated down to its essence.

Unfortunately, functions with parameters are not supported in the prototype yet – if this project ever makes it further, that would be the next thing! 🙂