Monthly Mewsfeed – Jun 2024

Goodbye June, hello July!

Mood Meter

🤔️ Felix: Figuring out meds for the old man. It’s a process…
🤠️ Sneaky: Bug cowboy! Spiders? Flies? Wood lice? I investigate!
🤪️ Maryla: No time at all…

😒️ Count Dartula: Neglected…

0️⃣️ New Project Ideas!

I used some waiting times to refine the ideas for the next game, but nothing new this time!

Top 5 To Dos

Last Month

Quite busy indeed 🙁

This Month

Still loads to do! Again, no promises.

Last Month

I thought I was going to be busy, but wow 😅️ My hopes of finding some time and leftover brain power were dashed. I received a little bit of really cool feedback that should improve perceived behaviour when setting up players and player names a lot. Even though I had no time to implement it, I am excited for how it turns out. Minor fixes to the UI and an investigation (not a fix!) into a bug with the undo function were the only thing that happened this month, and the results are not released to the public yet.

Even though I really want some eyes on Count Dartula next, I am glad that I didn’t find the time to spread the word. I believe that quality time is important to engage with what people have to say. The new plan is to pick back up where I left when things have calmed down enough. If you found it anyway: please be patient 😅️ Anything you report will be addressed, but probably not in a time that feels reasonable to a user.

Next Month…

…will probably have the same issues as this month. I don’t see the schedule clearing up. Whatever time I am able to invest will probably be spent hermit style: retreat into the dev cave and see how far I get.

Thank you for bearing with me, I will report back after July is done!