An early version of Count Dartula is now available on Android! Please leave any feedback or suggestions you have, I will try to get around to it!


  • Customisable dart board
  • Up to 6 players
  • Game modes:
    • Classic 501
  • All the fun of early test versions 🤓️ please report anything you don’t like!

Upcoming Features

  • More game modes:
    • 301, 701, custom
    • Around the World
    • Shanghai Darts
  • Announcer voice (maybe 😉 )
  • Ability to select the starting player
  • If you are able to win: suggestion on which numbers to hit

Known issues

  • On “going bust” in a turn, the turn display resets everything to zero, which is not too pretty
  • No storing/auto-loading of game data between sessions