2024 update – Monthly Mewsfeeds!

Hello all, and hello 2024!

The last years have been way too quiet here, and I would like to change that going forward and give a bit of a preview of the current plans πŸ™‚οΈ

Monthly Mewsfeed

This year, I am introducing a monthly blog post schedule: the Monthly Mewsfeeds! One update a month is hopefully not too much to handle while still combating the persistent silence. They will be released around the 1st of a month and follow a 2 chapter structure:

Mood Meter

This is a little summary/overview of how everyone has been feeling the last 4 weeks. Meowerlords, Humans, and projects get a space to celebrate or complain to their heart’s content!

There will also be a “new project ideas” counter with a one-sentence description of any noteworthy brainwaves. The ideal value of this counter is 0, because there are always way too many ideas already! Its purpose is to publicly expose and laugh at “new idea syndrome” when it’s happening, NOT to announce any new things in the works! That will be the job of the next section!

Top 5 To Dos

Here, I will review what has happened last month, and list and explain the top 5 things to be done next month. Since game development is a hobby, the tasks are more of a best-guess wishlist or preview than an actual plan or promise. Changes are likely, real life and work come first, and things always take longer than expected! But that is no reason not to write down what I would like to get done, and it may be interesting to review later on.

Plans for next year

After a long time of development taking a back seat to real life, big changes and work, I am full of ideas that would be lovely to implement and am starting to find the time to work on them again. A few of these are:

  • more automation – from exporting Godot games to having reusable components, speeding up game development and eliminating the tedious stuff that kills motivation. Very fun to do, but nothing interesting to show to non-devs πŸ˜ΎοΈπŸ€“οΈ
  • re-releases – my previous games are barely functional on mobile platforms now, and they weren’t that great to begin with. Some may be replaced and re-designed entirely (looking at you, Zencrement/Zenrithmetic 🧐️), Lonely Socks may get away with a more gentle treatment. Whether or not the old games will be archived somewhere is to be decided.
  • new projects – there are so many! From a little silly project announced in the first Mewsfeed and multiple game ideas to a language trainer app for German, there are loads of projects to choose from. Feel free to drop opinions on what to work on next in the discord as well!

Unfortunately, I have to end this update with a bit of realism – there are always too many things to do and too little time, but this year will be especially challenging since I am expecting a large personal change taking time in the later months. That will probably mean several short and boring Mewsfeeds with lots of projects being postponed and neglected – sorry in advance!

Still, I am excited to see what I can accomplish this year and hope to have at least some cool things to publish when I can πŸ™‚οΈ Have an amazing year, everyone, and let me know what you did while I was busy at some point!

Best regards,
All the Meowerlords and their human subordinates