The State of Things

Dear Humans,

our dev has been a bit silent lately, and as the Meowerlord’s Head of Communications, I have finally decided to step in with this little update.

Community Streams on Twitch

To address current news, updates, plans or just random questions about game development/computer nerd stuff, our dev has decided to do a live-stream every second Thursday. As there was no stream last week, there will be one this Thursday (09.04.). Join us around 18-19:00 on Twitch:

We have also created a #livestreams channel on our discord (join here if you haven’t: where you can collect questions and topics for the next stream and provide feedback.

Zencrement and the Future

Felix, our Director of Human Attention, has confirmed that a lot of progress was made on the game in the last week. 24 levels and score requirements to unlock them have now been implemented. We are aiming to release the next test version on Android via the PlayStore “soon” (more on that in the next section), so no more manual copying of test builds will be necessary anymore. Yay!

On a related note, some testers have reported their anti-virus software on Android mistakenly flagging the apk when installing or even a while after that. False positives for apps of unknown (not PlayStore) sources happen a lot and have been reproduced by our dev, especially when debugging via USB is enabled. Since fixing this would require reporting the app as a false positive for pretty much every test build that may or may not re-trigger the warnings, we have decided to wait with this until we have a PlayStore release. However, we are very interested in your individual experiences and would be happy to receive further info if you are using antivirus apps on Android:

  • When was the .apk flagged?
  • Are there any reasons given for the warning?
  • Which Antivirus app was used and are there logs you could share?
  • After a PlayStore release: did the warning disappear or change (or not)?

We are still learning about these things and appreciate any info that helps us streamline the user (and tester!) experience during future releases. Post your antivirus adventures in the #bugs-and-feedback channel in the discord, write us an email (info@meowerlordgames), use our contact form, or tweet at us!

As for an exact release date or timeline, Felix could not get any commitments out of the dev, which brings us to our current Miniboss:

The Quest for an Appealing Bloink

One feature that sort of has to be included even in a test version is sound. While we have a working implementation of sound effects triggering on certain actions and some placeholder plings and plongs, their appeal to human ears is just not there yet. This has prompted the dev to mutter something about “acquiring some basic sound-design skills” and disappear behind a monitor. We believe that this will go on for at least a few days until a suitable Bloink has been generated. Our Association is, once again, sticking at least one Meowerlord next to the dev at all times to assist this process. We will keep you updated on how things are going and apologize for the current lack of new test builds, the uncertain timeline and the dev’s relative silence!

Best Regards,

Meowerlord Tommi
Head of Communications