Status Update – Why so quiet?!

Hello All!

It has been a while since I gave an update on what is happening with the Meowerlords. Let’s fix that and get into what’s coming!

First of all, this is NOT an “I’m back!! Honest!! Regular updates from now on!!!” post! Because I’m not back, but I’m not gone either 😉 Life has been crazy the past 1.5 years, and I’m probably not the only one who can say this. Fortunately, the craziness has turned out to be amazing in the end, but some things have changed for Meowerlord Games:

  • I’m working full time again! This means that I have less time for Meowerlord-related projects, but it also means I can treat them as “purely for fun” again, and I missed that a lot! This new freedom has already revived motivation, and I’m finally excited to get back into things again.
  • There won’t be any promises, deadlines, or even regular updates/posts any more. Over the course of making 3 games, I realised that trying to take the marketing too seriously and stressing about the release process takes the fun out of gamedev for me, which was not the point of Meowerlord Games. Going forward, I’ll only share stuff if I have something to say and not bore everyone (including myself) if there is no visible progress.
  • Non-Game projects might be happening! I felt like getting into art for ages and also have some app ideas that sound cool in my head. Maybe something comes out of that, maybe not 🙂 I’m currently looking at automating some internal processes, which is fun, but will bore everyone else. Maybe I’ll even write some more blog posts!
  • The family has gotten an increment! I met and married my soulmate last year and am going to move in with him soon(tm). Since he is Welsh and I am German, Brexit and our fantastic timing has made this a proper challenge that will take priority over any Meowerlord projects for some time still. We are currently waiting for my visa, and after that, we have the whole “international move with cats” to look forward to.

So, even though I made this post and am genuinely excited to start working on things again, please don’t expect anything to happen. There will be invisible, internal projects I’m implementing, or projects you won’t be interested in, and times where I’m taking a break, moving to Wales, and dealing with the fuckups that will definitely happen along the way. Family, sanity, fun, and the Meowerlords will always win the priority war, and if that impacts the development process, that is OK. If you chose to stick around for this unreliable, random journey, thank you! The Meowerlords appreciate their human friends 🙂