Releases. Releases. Also, Releases.

Dear Humans,

it has been a while since we last talked about our current plans and what we are working on, so The Meowerlords have a few things to share. Let’s start with the “quick” one: our new Quick Links page! It has direct links to every release for our game, and some QR codes to easily scan on your phone, too. Tell us if you miss something on it!

Releasing Zencrement – Free and Paid Versions

After several rounds of bugfixing and improvements, Zencrement is now available on Google Play either for free with ads or paid, but ad-free! This has been a long and exhausting process, but our dev is slowly getting better at it. We have to thank our human community for all the patience, feedback, reports, suggestions, and support on social media – and also for being awesome in our dev streams on Twitch! You all helped immensely with making Zencrement as bug-free and user friendly as we could. We are currently not aware of any remaining issues, but further suggestions and bug reports are more than welcome. We Meowerlords like bugs, and our dev keeps squashing the ones she finds. Bring us more!

Public Bug Hunt – Get Zencrement Premium for free!

Since we love playing with bugs so much, we want to reward any human who brings us more of them. Starting from v1.0.5 (free), we will give out codes for the premium version to any Human that reports an unknown bug and roughly how to reproduce it. Refer to the “Known Issues” – section on this page to check if your issue is still unknown and might qualify!

More Releases

Since our dev is still completely sane and loves releases so much (we promise she is not crying in some corner every time the servers are “processing an update” for the better part of a day!), we aim to bring Zencrement to and possibly Kongregate soon. A release on will include executables for Linux, Windows, and the .apk for Android as well, in case you don’t want to get it from the Play Store. Kongregate is a browser-based platform and should enable those Humans to play the game that are otherwise only using iOS. Consider following us on Twitter if you want more frequent updates on upcoming platforms!

New Game – Zenrithmetic!

Attentive Humans may already have noticed the color change on our website and in our social media profiles. This was done to welcome our new game to the family – Zenrithmetic! As the name suggests, Zenrithmetic is basically Zencrement’s little sister and will have similar game mechanics and levels. We hope it will grow up to be as fun and relaxing as Zencrement, and possibly slightly prettier. Expect an open beta on the Play Store within a few weeks!

You are now well-informed, Human. We hope that you are all safe and healthy and wish you a good night!

Kind Regards,

Meowerlord Felix
Director of Human Attention