The Meowerlords work with the Godot engine to build their software. Godot allows exports to many platforms and The Meowerlords are currently targeting the following:


For our first puzzle games, Android is the main supported platform. Godot aims to support Android 4.3+.

Our own findings regarding Android compatibility are:

  • even though it is not supposed to, Android 4.2.2 might run just fine with possible instabilities when quitting the app (reported once, worked otherwise)
  • even though it is supposed to work, we are aware of our apps immediately crashing on Android 5.1.1
  • the .apk is correctly labelled/recognized as incompatible and will not install on Android 2.2

The Meowerlords appreciate further data and will keep an eye on this topic!


Our Human develops everything on a machine running Ubuntu and is not aware of any issues running on Linux so far. We hope to publish our first Linux executables on soon!


We have not run into any issues on Windows so far. As with Linux, we hope to include executables in our releases.

The Web?

Godot supports exporting for the web and we have made the first steps towards a possible browser release. The Meowerlords hope to have good news on that front soon 🙂

… and the rest?

The Meowerlords do not want to promise anything else for now. However, we receive lots of questions regarding iOS, so if we investigate other platforms, that will probably be the next one. It might be tricky to do working on Linux though, which is why we don’t want to commit to a timeline. We apologize to our iOS-bound Human friends!