Dear Humans,

meet Nettles the Lazybug! We found her in our first game, Zencrement, and suppose that she will be sticking around for Zenrithmetic as well!

What does she do?

Nothing too damaging. She just leaves a level in a weird state if you exit the screen while there are chain reactions going on. When you enter the level to resume gameplay, you might see empty spots or equal numbers in connected slots, like here:

How can we meet her?

Easy – just not something you would naturally think of while playing the game!

  1. Build a chain reaction
  2. while the chain reaction is still active on screen, press either:
    • the Tutorial button
    • the Main Menu button
  3. Navigate back to the level you just interrupted.

What are The Meowerlords going to do about her?

Nothing. We thought about and tried out a few solutions, but found that they all would feel off to the player in their own way:

  • If we take the effort to store the complete animation state and resume after reloading, this feels like it isn’t supposed to happen because seeing the cause of the resumed movement fast enough is quite unlikely – also, in the free version, an ad screen may plop up while the animation resumes, leading to further confusion.
  • If we, instead, disable the interface while chain reactions are happening, the feeling of “THIS IS A BUG” will not go away. A confused Human may even proceed to press multiple buttons while the interface is disabled, and then which input wins?
  • Another way would be storing a “backup” state and only overwriting the “main” state once all chains are processed. That would probably lead to the best user experience, even though the feeling that a valid input was ignored remains, but is also a bit of an overhead.

So, instead, we chose to adopt her. We set up a comfy little corner and hope that she will stay there and not crawl around in the rest of the code too much. Since she is actually quite lazy, we are confident that she will do just that.