A Release is coming. Soon. We think.

Dear Humans,

The Meowerlords hope that you are doing well and are safe and healthy! We have a mixed bag of news today, so let’s jump right in.

The Good

  • The sound design problem that Tommi described 2 weeks before was solved. Some of you may have even witnessed us supporting our human through these trying times in our last livestream. Zencrement is now bubbling and blubbering to our general satisfaction.
  • Thanks to more user input, the tutorial has been improved some more and a few minor bugs were squashed. Remember, we love feedback. Meow at us! Bugs are yummy, we want to know where they are.
  • Overall, the game is feature complete and working well, to the best of our bug hunting knowledge!
  • We have a trailer now, you can check it out here!

The Bad

Unfortunately, there are some stumbling blocks as well. While we would like to roll out a test release to the first brave humans right now, the process on the PlayStore is a bit more involved than anticipated. Right now, we are stuck in a verification process which might take several days and be delayed further by Corona. Except for that, we hope all buttons that needed pushing, confirming, reviewing and approving are happy now. This is our first app, after all, and releases are a bit like Winter in Game of Thrones. Definitely coming. At some point. But Google ate the white ravens.

The Future

So, what now? Are we bored yet? Well, not quite. Mogli is not entirely happy with the software design, and since we want to reuse large parts of the code base for future games, now is a brilliant time to clean things up a bit. We also want to experiment with the engine some more, hoping to reduce the size of final release exports. We also plan to release an ad-free, paid version of Zencrement. Maybe the two versions can race each other to the finish line on Android! Tommi will chase them himself.

Our dev also has an idea for a sister-game to Zencrement, but is not sure how much fun it will be. Prototypes may be demonstrated on Twitch soon, depending on how the previous tasks develop.

Now, I hope you will excuse me while I take my turn on my human’s lap. Have a nice, Corona-free Sunday!

Kind regards,

Meowerlord Sneaky
Senior Manager of Mischief